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Here is what Caroline Myss has to say to new students about the value of journaling. This is key to note: “. . . .the act of journaling is itself part of the learning and healing process.”

The role of journaling

Keeping a regular journal is a crucial part of the learning process, because it allows you to maintain a written record of your journey within that will help you review your progress from time to time. Both “journal” and “journey” derive from the French root, jour, meaning “day,” and, so, your journal is your account of your day-by-day journey of inner transformation. But the act of journaling is itself part of the learning and healing process.

Journaling also helps you become fluent in the language of archetypes, which is essential to learning to use the Archetypal Wheel to receive guidance for yourself and others. The most important point to remember is the value of writing in your journal on a regular basis.

Please note that your daily journal should not to be confused with Your Online Journal—which is designed for recording answers to the structured questions posed throughout the Program. The ‘Online Journal’ is simply a PDF document you download. There is a different journal for each class and the link is at the top of every page “DOWNLOAD JOURNAL”. You can print out the PDF, or transcribe questions to a journal as you complete your work. If you wish to do your journaling online, you can try PENZU, which is a free service.