Our Philosophy

Take charge of your story.

Take charge of your power.

Take power over your story by learning your archetypes and their language. Become fluid, and maybe even fluent, in archetypal language and creates an intimacy with your Inner Self, the animating energy of your personality.

It is not that we do not know the language or archetypes. We aren’t aware of it. We’re not aware of its lexicon though we employ it daily.

Becoming more conscious of this language allows us to take back our power from the archetypyes which we unwittingly relinquished as our Inner Self matures.Though they are us, and we them, when we focus on the relationship, we can see gestalts that come together through the awareness. When we become conscious of archetypal energy and learn to direct the energy, we can improve our opportunities. Though we can never uncover all the mysteries of this exchange, we can become as fluent and fluid as we can in these exchanges.  And the best thing is we can have fun. By frolicking with our friends in our shared Field of Potential, we can take back our stories. And when our stories change, we change our mythic DNA and trigger a change in our bodies, ourselves.

You stand in firm control of the power of your story.


Until you know your archetypes, you are living a life of reaction, all the time.”
Caroline Myss

“Opportunities are an extension of your archetypes and you can energize opportunities via the archetypes you have.”

Caroline Myss


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