Who Authors You?

Who is Telling Your Story?

Who is telling your story?

Who has power over your story?

Who is authoring You?

The easiest way to listen to, watch for, and come to know the answers to these questions is to listen to, watch for, and come to know what words you use. What language are you choosing and why? Or is a better question “Who?” is choosing a language?

Who is authoring you?

Open yourself to knowing who is in charge of your words.  Immerse yourself in the words you live in, with, and by. Know the power the words have over your story.

To take charge of the telling of your story, to take the power of you back, learn the power of the words you use. Open yourself to taking control of the words you live in, with, and by. Listen, watch, and know the power of words and the power of choice. And when and where needed,

learn to choose new words  and live a new story.

To listen, watch, and know takes remove, takes distance from the self. The fastest way to effective reflection is through a new language, a new vocabulary. So we teach archetypes and the language of archetypes.

Become fluid, and maybe even fluent, in archetypal language and create an intimacy with your Inner Self, the animating energy of your personality.

It is not that we do not know the language of archetypes. We do. We simply aren’t aware of it. We’re not aware that we use its lexicon daily. Using the work of Caroline Myss in archetypes and Sacred Contracts as our model, we teach you to become more conscious of this language, more conscientious, allowing you to take back your power over the story through your archetypes. Myss asserts that “[u]ntil you know your archetypes, you are living a life of reaction, all the time.”

Though they are us, and we them, when we focus on ourselves as archetypal relationships, we can see new gestalts come together through this awareness, this conscientiousness.

When we become conscious of archetypal energy and learn to direct the energy, we can improve our opportunities. As Myss says, “Opportunities are an extension of your archetypes and you can energize opportunities via the archetypes you have.” 

You can write new stories.

Though we can never uncover all the mysteries of this energy exchange, we can become as fluent and fluid as we can in these exchanges.

And the best thing: we can have fun.

By frolicking with our friends in our shared Field of Potential, we can take back our stories. And when our stories change, we change our mythic DNA and trigger a change in our bodies, ourselves, our cultures.

You stand in firm control of the power of your story.



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