Blither? Blather? Brilliance? Blogging.

Your unconscious stories are driven by archetypal powers that govern you.  Am I a prostitute?  No, not in the sense that you rushed to conclude given the most common understanding of the word Prostitute.  No, I’m not exchanging my body for money.  But did the Prostitute archetype rule my life for too long?  Yes.

We all have the Prostitute archetype active in our psyches.  Ever been in a meeting and you agreed with the boss because he is the boss, knowingly compromising your beliefs?  That’s the Prostitute.   You didn’t have Faith enough in your position in the world to honor your beliefs and express them.  Well, you say, I had to agree with the boss, or else?

Or else what?   That question is examined throughout my posts here.  But the short list of consequences is:  your health will decline, your relationships will decline, your power will be leached again and again.

And that is what happened to me.  My health was compromised.  My sense of self was lost.  And my power was so dissipated that I drug loved ones down with me as I was drowning.

And why?  Because I could not surrender to the belief that I had a unique and valued place in the world.  Not pie in the sky your dreams will come true. But real FAITH that there are structures to the human psyche that are governed by laws.  Laws not created by man.  Laws created by a force that is more than us.  I fell Victim (another archetype that has overtaken too many of our lives) to the Western Zeitgeist.

But this Zeitgeist is changing.  We are all talking about this change, this time of transition, this paradigm shift.

But am I responding to it, or simply whining about it, or worse, trying to grab a piece of the old pie before it’s gone?

Only I can be the judge.

What is contained here are the attempts of the Poet, the Seeker, and the Teacher, and whoever else speaks out, archetypes that are a part of my constitution, to find the path toward Faith.

To write my Destiny and no longer let Fate control me.

If you are ready to explore the archetypes that rule your thoughts and actions, check out my Power of the Story class.  You’ll discover your governing archetypes and then dialogue with them so that you can regain control over your thoughts and actions.  As philosopher Sam Keen says:  “Whoever authors your story authors your actions.”

Are you ready to unleash the power in your story and pen your destiny?

Should it matter: I am a poet. I have an MA in English and taught freshman and sophomore composition and literature at the university level for ten years.  I owned an exporting business for 20 years.  I earned certification as a Master Practitioner of NLP and am a certified Sacred Contract Consultant, having trained for two years with Caroline Myss.  And currently, I am traveling around America, talking to women about their transitions.