The Voice of Others and The Power of Storytelling

“I love stories that immerse me in an unfamiliar world and cause me to see my own world with fresh eyes. Having just read “The Underground Railroad” and “Americanah” in quick succession, my consciousness around race and racism and white privilege has been challenged and stretched. It is a gift to see American culture through the eyes of an immigrant, and to see history as lived by individuals with loves and hopes and ancestors and the surprising ability to endure even the most horrific abuse. This is the power of storytelling.”

Julie Gabrielli, Author and Green Architect


“My Favorite Parenthetical Thought”

within cosmic
laws is the energy of grace,
which animates
what we call higher motivation
when a universal law
emerges in our psyche
during a decision making moment,
it comes
as a messenger of grace,
as well as psychic motivation.
In contrast,
traffic laws on the highway
are not ‘grace-filled.’
They are order-keepers
of the mundane
world that lack
the animation of grace.
an intuitive ‘hit’
to slow down
for no conscious reason,
which then turns out
to be a life-saving act
because another car
was out-of-control,
is an act of grace
operating in the mundane

Carline Myss, April Salon (Year not recorded.)

Conservatives Are Closer to God?

Georgia politics is enough to make you want to move out of the country. Apparently being a Conservative means you are closer to God–but, and here is the trick–one candidate is accused of lying, stealing, and cheating on his taxes, and the other candidate is accused of “promoting homosexuality to teens as young as 13.” How you “promote” homosexuality I haven’t figured out.

All I have learned from this campaign is that I want to move.