A New Story: The Economics of Confusion

A New Story: The Economics of Confusion

“Without a new economic order, there is no escaping the pressure to convert non-monetized natural capital into monetized commodities. The profits are visible to the world financial system, but the costs to human beings and especially women, the land, other species, the indigenous, and future generations never enter the balance sheet. That must change – and what better place to initiate that change than Congo, cursed and blessed to be the least developed nation on Earth?”  Charles Eisenstein



“Wild Things”

Who tore the wings off? “Aerial Maneuvers: Why do butterflies have two sets of wings? Not to stay aloft, it turns out. Scientists from Carnegie Mellon and Cornell found that cabbage white butterflies with their hindwings removed could fly as far and as high as before. But they were slower to turn. This suggests hindwings are the key to aerial agility, a trait that helps butterflies evade hungry birds.” Smithsonian, January 2009