Mainstream Mystic

This is a nine minute breakdown of the term “mainstream mystic” though Caroline Myss calls it, “Perception.” Elsewhere she calls it symbolic sight. That way of seeing and referring to archetypal structures.

Metacognition, my term.

Who’s Writing Your Story?

“We are the first generation bombarded with so many stories from so many ‘authorities,’ none of which are our own. The parable of the postmodern mind is the person surrounded by a media center: three television screens giving three sets of stories; fax machines bringing in other stories; newspapers providing still more stories. We are saturated with stories; we’re saturated with points of view. But the effect of being bombarded with all of these points of view is that we don’t have a point of view and we don’t have a story. We lose the continuity of our experiences; we become people who are written on from the outside.” Sam Keen