Deserts, Dollars, and Divas

I just returned from another workshop. I’m a little tired of the Amway approach to training. I understand the concept of upsell, but give me a break. When it takes three hours to upsell, isn’t it time for a refund, at least a partial one? I want the information I paid for.

I see you Mr. Obama!

Last night Mr. Obama made a cameo appearance in my dream. I rarely dream about people I know or people in the public eye, so when I do, I pay attention. I don’t remember anything about the dream except the little snippet of Mr. Obama standing at the window looking out onto the grounds of the White House. He was pensive, stroking his chin, his expression earnest. How I cleared security to do this, I have no idea, and it is the wonder of dreams that we can so manipulate reality, but I was standing on the grounds just outside the window. The only thing I remember outside of this is how I felt and my plea to him: “Step away from the window Mr. Obama!”

I was frightened for him. He was much too vulnerable there in plain sight. He was an easy target for a sniper. I just kept shouting the same phrase over and over. Didn’t he understand that he should be more careful? Didn’t he recognize that people are “gunning for him” spurred on by the hate mongers in the media?

So I woke up this morning with this image of our president in my head, wondering what such a dream would mean. And I have come to this: it is time for all of us to be “in plain sight.” It is time for me to be willing to speak my mind for what I believe. I am fascinated by the fervor over his attempts to do SOMETHING. And horrified that we seem not able to have civil conversations about what to do. What is certain is that with the level of divisiveness that we are experiencing NOTHING will change.

In the much ballyhooed speech to the children of our nation, he said in his way what President Kennedy had said:

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

I do not know what is the best way to handle health care reform. I do not know how to fix the education system. I care not to enter into the world of politics per se because that is not my forte. And as my sister-in-law has reminded me, I am probably too forthright to be a politician. But it is clear, people want to be heard. People want their voices to be heard. And this is where I can help.

I can contribute to the freedom of man by helping one person at a time understand the power of his/her story. I can contribute to improving your health by helping you to appreciate your life’s story and work on the trajectory of the plotline to include healthfulness. I can supplement the educational system by helping students to gain a love of the language and to strengthen their writing voices for practical and emotional reasons.

So in my waking state I say: “I see you Mr. Obama. And I thank you for your courage and your fortitude in these trying and transitional times.”