“My Favorite Parenthetical Thought”

within cosmic
laws is the energy of grace,
which animates
what we call higher motivation
when a universal law
emerges in our psyche
during a decision making moment,
it comes
as a messenger of grace,
as well as psychic motivation.
In contrast,
traffic laws on the highway
are not ‘grace-filled.’
They are order-keepers
of the mundane
world that lack
the animation of grace.
an intuitive ‘hit’
to slow down
for no conscious reason,
which then turns out
to be a life-saving act
because another car
was out-of-control,
is an act of grace
operating in the mundane

Carline Myss, April Salon (Year not recorded.)

No Small Roles

I caught up last night with a friend. We chatted on line (I think it’s called IM–my technological prowess revealed!). I have never done that before. I prefer to hear voices and see faces, but the opportunity arose, so I jumped on board. I haven’t “spoken” with this woman in years–no need to count, but could be a decade. What I came away with is this: Women Rock!!

She is divorced, putting two kids through college, and taking care of an aging and ill mother. No overt complaints, but more importantly no implied complaints, and I didn’t sense it in her tone. She was being guided by love. She loved her children. She loved her mother. She worked in the office and then came home and worked. But she did so because she was grateful for her family.

Women throughout the centuries have lived unsung lives of service to others. No hoopla, no hullabaloo. Just women going about their days on the planet in love and grace. Women Rock!!!

In this age of superlatives, where everything seems to have to be the biggest, the best, the newest, the fastest, women go about the business of life and recognize that service is the ultimate superlative. But not service driven by duty, service born of love. Wiping the bottoms of babies and wiping the bottoms of parents too ill from chemotherapy to manage themselves, this is service born of love. There are no small roles. You are appreciated. You are loved. You are seen. You are heard. And the world is grateful.

Another Word About Grace

I have been watching videos of Caroline Myss workshops based on her upcoming book Defy Gravity. She discusses the axial shift that we are experiencing on the planet that many of us recognize in its most obvious form—the meltdown of our economy. Her structure for discussing this shift is based on the chakra system, but she has added a new layer to her understanding of the chakra system. She has shifted her thinking about our human energy system and prefers the word Grace to Energy.

It’s exciting to see the evolution of her thinking. She has truly claimed her role as a revolutionary thinker and challenges you to join her. And where are we going?:

We are headed, all of us, into the global age, an age of the psyche and soul. This is the age of mystics out of monasteries, where the inner life will emerge as equal in authority to the physical.”

Are you ready for the ride?

Even though I have lived in a multi-cultural environment for most of my adult life, I have not felt prepared to accept the global age. But we are a global community. There is no denying it, no running from, no hiding from it. I’ve tried. This depletes your “grace-level.” And baby, we are going to need to replenish our grace levels as we step into the age of the psyche and soul.

Grace: My New Favorite Word

My new favorite word is Grace. I have come to a new understanding of its meaning, which is helping me to navigate my world in a new and more peaceful way. Below is “a word about grace” taken from the May Newsletter of Caroline Myss.

A word about grace: the ear-mark of grace is that it carries with it the power to transform the receiver. Grace is a “verb”, not a “noun”. The instructions that come through grace lead to action of mind, of heart, and of soul. As you listen with the eyes and ears of your soul, you hold the intention to “see what the other cannot see and hear what the other cannot hear” so that you may be a Light for that person in the Night. To request grace as a prayer, “I ask for the grace of Illumination so that I may see clearly what this person cannot see and hear clearly what this person cannot hear. May I serve as a Divine Light in the Night for this soul.”