Grace: My New Favorite Word

My new favorite word is Grace. I have come to a new understanding of its meaning, which is helping me to navigate my world in a new and more peaceful way. Below is “a word about grace” taken from the May Newsletter of Caroline Myss.

A word about grace: the ear-mark of grace is that it carries with it the power to transform the receiver. Grace is a “verb”, not a “noun”. The instructions that come through grace lead to action of mind, of heart, and of soul. As you listen with the eyes and ears of your soul, you hold the intention to “see what the other cannot see and hear what the other cannot hear” so that you may be a Light for that person in the Night. To request grace as a prayer, “I ask for the grace of Illumination so that I may see clearly what this person cannot see and hear clearly what this person cannot hear. May I serve as a Divine Light in the Night for this soul.”