Peace It Together Students Use Haiku to Express Their Experience of Self-Exploration in Film

Reena Lazar is the Executive Director of Peace It Together, a program for students which

provides a unique dialogue and filmmaking program that offers youth the opportunity to connect deeply with their so-called “enemy” while co-creating short films that can be used as peace-building tools throughout the world.

Listen to some students express their experience in this program in haiku form. Clearly the program had a powerful impact on them.

The Power of Someone Else’s Story: A Lesson Learned from Woody Allen

Do we ever really pay attention to what our kids are thinking about? Do we help guide them into self-discovery? Or do we teach that one must conform regardless of the price to self? Do we listen long enough to know what they spend their time and energy on?

What story are your kids having to carve out for themselves now? And who will your kids be at 35?

Watch this short scene from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall that demonstrates the disconnect that happens in the socialization that occurs in the classroom. My apologies for my low-tech approach. I could not get the clip to start where I want it to start. It starts at the 3 minutes and 45 seconds (3:45) marker and ends at 5:15.

Looking back, how did your story turn out?

Again with the “you create your own reality” crap

Aren’t you tired of being told that you create your own reality?  All you can think is:

  1. Why the heck would I create this reality?
  2. When will I get it right?
  3. I must not have enough willpower to make my reality better.
  4. I don’t know how to make the decision to move on.
  5. I don’t know how to let go and let God.
  6. What is wrong with me?
  7. Yeah but . . . . [fill in the blank with your past story of choice].

Listen to mystic and medical intuitive Caroline Myss put these thoughts to rest.  She helped to re-create my creation!

The Desert

The morning news in Arizona: temperatures should return to normal Tuesday or Wednesday–a high of 106. Yesterday’s high was 113. Why am I here? Why would anyone live here?

But, I am reminded, it’s dry heat.   Huh?   I think 113 is hot even if it’s dry heat–or am I weak?