The Power of Community

The Power of Community cannot be overlooked. Our story around community has been corrupted through some erroneous beliefs about biology and evolution, which has created a cancerous culture.

Education researcher (and Kentucky native) Joseph Chilton Pearce has pointed out, “We have a name for cells that don’t work for the good of the whole organism. We call them ‘cancer’.” Pearce worries that a false understanding of our human role on the planet has led to tumor-like behavior on our part, rather than healthier kinds of growth.


Lynne McTaggart Explains that Story is Seeing and Seeing is Story

“The stories we tell ourselves about how the world works ultimately govern what we perceive.”  Lynne McTaggart


The eyes have it, she says.  What we are taught about how we relate to other, what our role is on the planet, governs the way we see–literally.