Open up and let it out–or else?

In Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss she states,

Every single person is born with something to create – that creation might be a child or a business or a garden or a circle of friends or a peace accord. Whatever it is will be personally beneficial for others. Blocked creative expression is as detrimental to your well-being as a drug addiction. A raging internal conflict between acting on creative impulses or settling for the status quo can eventually promote physical illness. This internal strife locks into the second chakra first and foremost because this is the vortex where you act on your convictions. You need to manifest your ideas and to make a difference in your world, whether your influence is enormous or small. The size of your action or gift is not the issue; the act of creation is.

In our culture, we forget that small is meaningful. It is drummed into us to do things the BIGGEST, BEST–you name the superlative. What’s lost is the desire to act on any creative impulse. Too often we judge it before acting. Go out and create!